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Live music eh?
You can’t beat it. No Karaoke or disco can better the atmosphere of a happy venue where the crowd is jiving to the sound of well played songs.

Having worked in various bands for a long time and repeatedly played the same hoary old 'classics' we wanted to do something different. We wanted to play numbers that few others attempt. Well-known numbers, capturing the spirit of the original and played with a sense of fun. Songs that we enjoy playing but most of all the audience enjoys seeing performed.

We're not a tribute act but we guarantee the sound changes for each and every song we play. What we strive for is 'something for everyone', which makes us perfect for weddings and functions. Great to sit and listen or dance to.
Not just a band
Take a look through our demo video. You'll see that we treat our perfomances like a show, it has to look good as well as sound good...

We're committed to keeping our set as fresh as possible with plenty of popular contemporary numbers.

Having said that we have a very large repertoire and if you want a certain type of music or even a particular song we'd be happy to include it. We do draw the line at Screamo though :-)

The Harkback Revue!

Far more important than our ego and self indulgence is making sure the audience has a good time. After all, if they don't enjoy it we're not going to be booked back!

Have a listen to our online demo, or come and see us live at one of the venues listed. Thanks for visiting

Maggie - Lead Vocals
  • Awesome night...a really super of the top bands on the circuit. Well done everyone.
  • "This band has so much energy. They had me out of breath and I was just watching!"
  • "it's so refreshing to hear a band rock out both contemporary and retro tunes not often played by others, great variety"

Image Acknowledgements

Photos by Jan Price, Amy Bedster, Adrian Franklin and Sandra Panter
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